Series 325 Coffee Vending

The most popular of our automatic espresso systems and also the most flexible in its usability.¬†Designed for small office spaces and staff rooms as well as larger volume restaurants. The 325 can be installed as a table top or cabinet based model, plumbed or use its internal 5 gallon filtered water source making it completely a “stand-alone” system. It can serve approximately 150 cups of espresson based product before refilling is required.

  • Tactile selection panel (Soft Touch Technology) with 12 push buttons that can be configured both as selections or pre-selections
  • Showcase for introduction of fresh coffee beans or for branding
  • 10 backlit selection buttons (can be set as direct or pre-selection)
  • End selection acoustic signal
  • 32 digit alphanumeric display
  • 170 mm high delivery area suitable for mug or jug and foldaway espresso cup support.

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